Report: Rangers Back Away from Garza

Patrick Mooney of is reporting that the Rangers aren't thrilled with the asking price from the Cubs, and Mooney basically says in a video on the same page that he expects the Cubs to ask for a name like Profar becuase they're "looking at the model the Brewers did last year" when they traded Greinke to the Angels.

I'm sorry, but last I checked, Garza isn't on the same footing that Greinke was last season, and certainly won't be pursued as such in the free agent market this upcoming offseason. If this is really the case, I should expect that the Rangers won't be dealing for Matt Garza after all.

It wouldn't surprise me if this is a case of the local media blowing things out of proportion, as in some cases, overvaluing assets can be a problem, but nonetheless, it's worth noting that at least someone in the sports world believes the Rangers should deal a guy like Jurickson Profar for a rental player. He's likely the only creditable sports personality that believes as much, but by all means, let dreamers dream, and in the meantime, the Rangers can take their ball and go home.

That is, if there is any truth to this latest story whatsoever.