Somewhere between the Rangers making a trade for starting pitcher Matt Garza and the awkward moment in which Jim Knox gave the "fan of the game" honor to a guy wearing a Seattle Mariners shirt, a baseball game was played, one in which the Rangers won 3-0.

Yu Darvish looked dominant once again, even if his manager did give him the hook a bit early, but nonetheless a great sign for fans of Darvish as he gave up only two hits on the night and dealt a heavy dose of fastballs. Elvis Andrus managed two stolen bases with a walk and a hit, and all told, the Rangers managed 3 runs on 8 hits, and best of all, there were no errors. I don't want to say this is the kind of win you can build upon, simply because this is the kind of win the Rangers desperately need to build on. They'll come back and give it another crack tomorrow.