And so it goes. Yet another gem from Derek Holland, but the offense, which failed to plate a single run in the series finale against the Yankees. The reigning thought has been that at some point, things will suddenly click for this struggling offense.

That Mitch Moreland will get his timing back.

Maybe David Murphy will turn his season around.

Maybe Lance Berkman will come back to the team soon.

Maybe those line drives will start falling.

It's been a constant flurry of reasons for why the offense is failing, and yet it's been a season-long affair, and at some point, maybe it's time to accept that this lineup is what it is. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, they'll score a good number of runs one game, but oftentimes, it results in the next game showing a cold lineup.

As far as Berkman is concerned, he's started to talk more like a guy that is considering never playing again rather than someone on the cusp of return to his DH role for the Rangers. I think we can safely assume it's time for Jon Daniels to get a big bat, maybe two, to give this lineup a boost and help the pitching staff out.

Sorry about baseball, Derek.