Another game, another loss. The mantra about "living for another day" has become as stale as the 2013 season for the Rangers, and chances are, we've seen the end of the postseason hopes this year. That's not set in stone, obviously, but what we're watching is a team that has simply given up.

With all of that said, the team still has the job to go out and win as many games as possible, postseason or not, and if Ron Washington doesn't follow up today's game with a reaction at least somewhat similar to the video above, then he's not the right manager for this team.

The biggest thing we've always heard about Washington is that he's a master motivator, but as of right now, whatever he's doing is falling on deaf ears. The team has given up on him in so many ways. The Rangers have now played 10 games since the All-Star break, and have managed to win only 2 of them. They've failed to play good baseball in every facet of the game, and Washington's questionable decisions have been a big part of that (see Jason Frasor on Friday night, Robbie Ross left to sink in today's game).

The Texas Rangers just aren't a lot of fun to watch right now, at least in the traditional meaning of the word. In a way, it's become almost comedic to see what new way they'll invent to lose a game, and it worries me that I actually feel that way. Tomorrow may be another day, but there's absolutely no confidence that this team can get the job done, and all the offensive help in the world won't help that right now. This is just a bad baseball team. If you needed an illustration of what this season has become, you could do no better than the GIF that follows.