Monday Afternoon Musings

Other than the fact that Ron Washington held a team meeting after yesterday's loss, there's not a whole lot out there right now.

Yeah, I suppose I could ramble on about how David Murphy's RE24 has dipped even further down to -22.49, or about how he (unsurprisingly) still can't hit lefties.

Or I could point out that Mitch Moreland is on his way to wasting yet another season that he came into touted as having figured out left-handed pitching.

I could even go on and on about the frustrations that have been building with Rangers hitters trying to get on base via the bunt, failing more often than not to do so.

Or I could nitpick at countless other things ailing this ball club right now, but right now, it seems it would be nothing more than information overload, especially when we all really know what the missing piece is for this year's team:

Right now, this team just needs to win a game, and it all starts tonight against Jered Weaver and the Angels. The Rangers have had some success against Weaver in recent history, so here's to hoping it sparks this team to go on some fantastic run.

Until then, there's always this animated GIF: