MLB to Expand Instant Replay

Update: Everything below is now a moot point, as ESPN and Yahoo Sports have changed the wording to read "from the 7th inning on".

The big news of the day in baseball is that Major League Baseball is expected to vote in November on a proposal that would expand instant replay. Per the proposal, managers will be allowed one challene over the first six innings of games, and two after the seventh inning until the end of the game. From there, a specific crew at MLB headquarters would make a final ruling on each call. If passed, it would take effect in 2014.

For the life of me, I can't understand why seemingly no one is talking about the one glaring weakness I see in the proposed system. The way I've read it in multiple reports is that managers get a challenge for the first six innings, and then following the seventh inning, they get two more for the remainder of the game. In other words, after the sixth inning, there's is a dead spot in the seventh inning in which a manager would not be allowed to challenge.

Perhaps this is an issue where the initial report was worded incorrectly, but if it remains the way it reads now, we're going to be dealing with some unhappy teams and fans during the seventh inning of games next season. I just can't understand how this made any sense to Major League Baseball. Then again, when it comes to Bud Selig, nothing makes sense.