Live to Die Another Day

Yeah, I've been gone a little while. To be honest, between my real job and everything else, the Rangers have left me somewhat speechless since the start of the month. To do much writing when they're punchless as they've been much of the month seems to be an overreaction, while overreacting to each win seems to be just that.

Yet, here we are, with three games to go, and the Rangers find themselves within striking distance. I don't know how, I don't know why, but I know that Jurickson Profar, who by all counts is much more reliable than David Murphy despite the playing time saying otherwise as of late, vaulted the Rangers to a win. Had the Rangers lost, their postseason chances would have been all but lost; not mathematically of course, but theoretically.

This ball club, with the way it has pitched, hit, and managed this month, doesn't deserve to be in this position... but baseball.