2013: The End

And with that 5-2 loss, the Rangers have completed one of the most frustrating, fun, hair-pulling, and crazy seasons we've ever seen. Game 163 was the end for this group, and in a sense, the Elvis Andrus bunt into the 2nd out in the 8th inning of what was then a 2-run game pretty much summed up this season.

This ball club is talented, but this season, just didn't have the execution quite down to perfection and left too many plays out on the field.

Furthermore, regardless of where you stand on the issue, Jon Daniels has come out and said that Ron Washington will definitely be returning in 2014. For my part, I can't help but hope it'll be as a bench coach, but that would be silly because we all know that won't happen. Perhaps most frustrating is that we're less than two years removed from the Rangers being so close to the whole enchilada, and we want it so bad that it's hard to accept anything else.

It was overall a great season, but man, it left me wanting more. I just hope next year is "the year". Or maybe the one after that.

Or maybe this is all a dream and Game 163 is actually tomorrow when I wake up.

But probably not.