Lance Berkman to Retire

According to, Lance Berkman intends to retire rather than attempt to come back for a 16th season.

Of course, this comes less than a year after Berkman was signed in hopes that he could come close to mirroring his production from 2011 in St. Louis, his last healthy season, in which he was one of the more productive bats against the Rangers in the World Series.

In the end, Berkman's knees wouldn't allow him to provide much of anything to the Rangers in 2013, reducing him to an OPS of .700 and a WAR of -0.2.

Given that he wasn't with the club long, it's hard to miss a player too much when he doesn't even play of half a season's worth of games, but it's still a shame to see him go out this way nonetheless. Although, in reading the piece on, he doesn't seem too torn up about it.