Report: Kinsler Talks Originally With Toronto

There's not much out there this morning -- unless you include the Rangers claiming LHP Pedro Figueroa from waivers as noteworthy, which I don't -- except for a report that surfaced last night about Ian Kinsler.

According to SportsNet's Shi Davidi, Toronto was in preliminary discussions with the Rangers to acquire Ian Kinsler, a move that obviously didn't happen given that Kinsler was traded to Detroit in return for Prince Fielder.

As a follow-up, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the discussions took place in October, prior to Kinsler submitting his limited no-trade list on November 1. Once the Jays learned that they were on Kinsler's list, the talks stalled and the club began pursuing other avenues.

While the first name that comes to mind when thinking of Toronto is Jose Bautista, it was apparently Edwin Encarnacion on the radar for the Rangers.

Given that Encarnacion's power numbers, like Bautista's, have spiked in recent seasons while playing home games at the Rogers Centre, I can't say I'm too upset about the Rangers acquiring Fielder instead. Furthermore, as Fielder is a left-handed hitter, he fills a role the Rangers needed to address and is a bit younger than Encarnacion. Beyond that, Fielder has been the more durable player.

On Kinsler's end, it's not really surprising that Toronto would be on his no-trade list. At age 31, Kinsler probably wasn't interested in being part of a struggling franchise. Beyond that, the artificial turf at the Rogers Centre has been known to be tough on the legs, potentially subjecting a player like Kinsler to nagging injuries.

Beyond the fact that Toronto was on Kinsler's no-trade list, it's unlikely the Rangers would have been able to get back what they felt was fair value in return. To be clear, Kinsler didn't actually reject a trade to Toronto, as he was apparently never approached with the possibility, but the Jays, like myself, probably felt that the deal would get nixed anyways.

Just for fun, here's a Kinsler GIF to illustrate the reaction Kinsler probably would have given to a potential trade to Toronto: