Adrian Beltre Wins Silver Slugger Award

The Texas Rangers weren't shut out of the awards party after all. Just days after many fans -- and some media members -- felt Adrian Beltre was snubbed in the voting for the Gold Glove Award, he has instead won the third base Silver Slugger Award in the American League.

The Silver Slugger Award is awarded to players deemed to have performed at the highest level, offensively speaking, at their position. That Beltre was able to snag his fourth such award in his age-35 season is a testament to what many Rangers fans have been witnessing over the past four seasons: Adrian Beltre is a special player.

While Beltre's power output wasn't as pronounced as his previous three seasons in Texas, he was still among the most consistent producers in baseball, and he was able to finish the season with an fWAR of 5.8, trailing only Josh Donaldson in the AL. For his part, a good portion of Donaldson's 6.4 fWAR can be attributed to his defensive prowess.

For now, Beltre will likely begin to prepare for what many of us hope will be an improved season in 2015 from an organizational standpoint. In the meantime, the conversation regarding his status as a future Hall of Fame candidate can only heat up from here. For what it's worth, I think that he'll absolutely get in once he decides to step away from the game, whenever that might be. Even if he stepped away right now, there would be a case to be made that his production to this point just might be enough to get him in. However, since he's not hanging it up just yet, we've got likely a few more seasons yet to see him cement his place in baseball history.

Congrats Adrian, you've been a bright spot during a rough time for the Texas Rangers.