Monday Evening Open Thread: Four Questions

Because I'm in a great mood for baseball today but there's not anything new of substance out there, I decided it'd be a great time to pose 4 questions for you to offer opinions on. Ready? Go.

  1. Gerry Fraley had a Q&A chat last week in which one of the questions was regarding Elvis Andrus. In it, Fraley mentioned that Elvis has "rededicated" himself this offseason, and has already lost 12 pounds. Knowing that, do you expect a better season from Elvis in 2015? Why or why not?
  2. As mentioned this morning, Matt Harrison has been cleared to begin a throwing program in two weeks. What sort of odds would you give him to pitch again for the Texas Rangers?
  3. Max Scherzer and James Shields are big-name pitchers still remaining on the free agent market, and their signings will likely spur other trades and various moves through the league. The Rangers are most likely not going to be signing either pitcher. Knowing that, who would you like to see the Rangers pursue for the starting rotation via trade or the free agent market?
  4. Finally, because who doesn't care what Michael Young thinks? Evan Grant interviewed Young about various things, such as his new role with the club, the hiring of Jeff Banister, and the makeup of last year's club. Of the notable things he said, Young indicated that the organization ignored chemistry in exchange for sheer talent, and didn't "know what [they] had until it's gone". How much stock do you put into team chemistry vs. pure talent and production?