Will Prince Fielder Bounce Back?

Today, Richard Durrett has a piece up on Prince Fielder and his potential for a rebound season after the worst of his career in 2013.

Notably, Durrett touches on the various reasons as to why he believes Fielder will be better in 2014, and I happen to agree with him if for no reason other than the fact that his home games will be played in Arlington.

Furthermore, Fielder seems set on improving on a season in which he says, "I sucked. I didn't have to be reminded of it."

In addition to the piece, a video is attached of Fielder's workout routine and some of his thoughts on last season, moving forward, and making the best of a change in scenery.

I feel it's interesting to note that, although it may be my eyes playing tricks on me, Fielder does look noticeably more lean in the video. Then again, that might have something to do with having cut his hair and not wearing a baggy jersey. No matter, as Fielder presents an obvious offensive upgrade at 1st base over Mitch Moreland.

Many critics will point to Fielder's size and weight as to why he will fail and eventuall decline, which I think is a somewhat unfair criticism. Yes, Fielder is a large man, but he doesn't get injured, and there's a good chance that trend could continue going forward.

No, he isn't going to be a good base runner or a particularly solid infielder, but with plenty of baserunning potential in other areas as well as a solid infield everywhere else, I'm not sure how much it can hurt the Rangers.

I don't think I'm ready to proclaim that he'll be the AL MVP as Adrian Beltre has, but I think he'll bounce back from 2013 nonetheless.