Rangers Sign Armando Galarraga

Last week, news broke that the Rangers had signed -- or were close to signing -- Daniel Bard. At the time, it was speculated that it would be a minor league deal with the opportunity for Bard to be a contrubting member of the Major League bullpen after recovering from surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Today's newsworthy item -- or non-item depending on how you look at it -- is that Texas has also signed Armando Galarraga to a minor league deal. Galarraga, who is mainly noteworthy for the perfect game that should have been when, in 2010, umpire Jim Joyce blew a call at first base with two outs in the ninth, will be strictly for minor league depth at this point, and will not be receiving an invite to Spring Training with the Rangers.

Galarraga last pitched in the Major Leagues in 2012 with the Houston Astros. In 24 innings, he compiled a 6.75 ERA. Worse, his FIP was 7.43 and his xFIP was 6.14. Granted, the sample size was small, but he wasn't exactly lighting it up before that either, nor did he exactly punch his meal ticket in the minor leagues in 2013.

What it comes down to is the organization ensuring some pitching depth after last season's injuries left the club scraping the bottom of the barrel. My guess it that, worst case, Galarraga could be a potential long-relief innings-eater in the even that injuries or fatigue set in. Other than that, I don't really foresee a scenario in which we ever actually see him in a Texas Rangers uniform. At the very least, we know the front office isn't done looking for depth, and as the saying goes, you can't ever have too much pitching.