Super Bowl Champion Second Baseman

Before the biggest game of the football season even started, this type of post was inevitable if the Seattle Seahawks were to win the game. If we're being honest, it's something that many of us were thinking during and immediately after the game: how cool is it that the Rangers picked up Russell Wilson in the Rule 5 draft?

Obviously, given that he's already a Super Bowl champion in only his second season in the NFL, it's more likely impossible rather than unlikely that we'll ever really see Russell Wilson in a Rangers uniform, or any Major League uniform for that matter. No matter, as it can't keep us from dreaming. So what would it look like if Wilson decided football was too violent and dangerous in the long-term for his liking and moved back to baseball?

For starters, as a middle infielder at second base, Wilson would be groomed at a premium position on the baseball diamond. By many scouting accounts, his defense was solid and he had plus speed and an average arm. The athleticism was what really drew scouts.

Above everything else, and the one thing you love to see from a young player, was a hard work ethic. According to Lenn Sakata, Wilson's hitting coach at Class A Asheville, "He wasn’t going to fail because of a lack of effort."

Now sure, there have been many players that have had the work ethic and failed to reach the Big Show, and there will be more to come. Maybe Wilson would have been the same. But with only 236 plate appearances in Asheville in 2011 before deciding to pursue football, it's hard to put too much stock into a .228/.366/.342 line, especially when many projections had him improving his offense with more at-bats.

Back to reality, Russell Wilson is a member of the Rangers organization, and he'll probably be expected to make an appearance in Surprise, AZ for Spring Training. If pep talks resonate with some guys, that will be beneficial. Exactly how much pull a guy with a Lombardi Trophy has in a baseball clubhouse remains to be seen, but for $12,000, the Rangers could have spent that money in worse ways.

For now, though, it's just fun to wonder, what if Russell Wilson decided to give baseball another go? None of us know what would happen, but I guarantee you this: it'd be fun as hell to follow along and find out. Hey, we can dream. He does have a baseball card now, after all.

Oh, and more importantly, congratulations to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. I've never met him, but by all accounts, it couldn't have happened to a better guy, and the world can't have too many good people.