Spring Training Update 3/10: Rangers Win 8-2

On a day in which Yu Darvish started, he went 5.0 innings on 63 pitches.

Yu had his fastball working through 3 perfect innings, and it wasn't until Billy Hamilton laid down a bunt single that a baserunner was allowed to lead off the 4th innings.

After that, it appeared that Darvish began doing some Spring Training tinkering, as he began throwing more 2-seam fastballs, cutters, sliders, and a couple of curveballs.

All in all, and considering that it's only Spring Training, it was an encouraging outing for the anchor of the rotation.

Jurickson Profar also showcased his skills early on, as he hit a Homer Bailey cutter for a home run.

All in all, without reading too much into small sample sizes, the Rangers should be happy with where the young talent stands at this point of the year.