Yu Darvish: Cy Young Favorite

This will only be interesting to some of you, but I found it to be noteworthy. If you can wrap your head around the idea, it's a neat thought.

According to Bovada, Yu Darvish will open the season as the favorite to win the AL Cy Young Award, at 8-1 odds. He's followed closely by David Price a 9-1 and Clay Buchholz at 10-1. Interestingly, reigning winner Max Scherzer also comes in at 10-1 odds.

Obviously, this means next to nothing, but it's still fun to look at. I'm not sure how the history pans out on the subject, but I'd imagine it's been a long time since any Rangers pitcher has been at the top of this type of list. Until Darvish, it had been awhile since the Rangers had a pitcher that could even be mentioned in the conversation.

In case you needed reminding, no Rangers pitcher has ever won the award, despite having six American League Most Valuable Player awards. Perhaps this is the year the organization gets that first.