Mike Olt Makes Cubs' Roster

Former Rangers' prospect Mike Olt has been added to the 25-man roster of the Chicago Cubs.

Olt, who is 25, was only two years ago considered a prime prospect in the Rangers organization before vision issues affected him. Apparently, he has been able to clear those up since being traded to the Cubs last season as part of a package that got the Rangers Matt Garza.

Obviously, on the surface, it's a bit disappointing that Olt is no longer in Texas if he has indeed kicked the previous issues. Jon Daniels has even gone on record as saying the trade could haunt him. However, it's also nice when the prospects you trade away end up working out, as it gives other clubs confidence to trade with you again in the future.

If Olt ends up panning out, he could be a centerpiece for the Cubs as they attempt to rebuild into something a bit more competitive on a yearly basis. While we don't yet know if he'll play 3rd base on an everyday basis, something tells me he'll at least get a chance to prove himself there.