ESPN SweetSpot

This isn't really a Rangers post, but rather a post to share some news related to the site. Moving forward, One Strike Away will be an ESPN SweetSpot Network affiliate.

Other than what will end up being an ESPN toolbar at the top of the site, not much else will change. You'll continue seeing more of the same content here, and occasionally, I may have some posts on the ESPN SweetSpot blog.

Obviously, there may be more traffic here, and with that traffic, I simply ask that any conversations within the comments section remain civil and respectful. I think a certain amount of common sense goes along with this, but it includes no name-calling, personal jabs, and trolling. To this point, I've not had to moderate the comments section much, and I'd certainly like to keep it that way.

Thanks to everyone that has read the site. Without you, I'm simply talking to myself, and my enjoyment of baseball has turned into an avenue to share my opinion with a broader audience.