One Strike Away Has A New Writer, And It's Me

Full disclosure: I've never done very well with hellos. They imply too much of a commitment. So, instead of wasting a hundred words trying to transcribe some creative concoction to get you interested in reading what I have to say... we'll just skip that. Over the coming weeks and months -- making up the 2014 baseball season, and beyond -- you can make your judgements of me accordingly. For now, though, Brandon has asked me to write some brief context as to who I am, because as of this moment he is no longer the exclusive voice of One Strike Away, and neither of us wants anybody to lose their mind when they see a new name written in blue right below the headline. It's... been known to happen. Hopefully Mr. Land forgives me, and may god have mercy on my soul. 

So with that out of the way: My name is Eric Reining, and I'm a 24 year-old currently living in Southern California. As a job I work as a blackjack dealer at a casino in Coachella, with both the Rangers and writing as my passions away from work. One Strike Away is kind of perfect, in that sense. From when I was 18-21 I went to a few different colleges in an attempt to be a journalist, but as I got older I lost the spark and inevitably lacked the discipline to pursue it as an actual career. 

As a kid, surrounded mostly by Angels and Dodgers fans, the Texas Rangers were the first little league team I played for, so that should help explain my unwavering loyalty obviously enough. I was a second baseman and I wore #5. As a fan I got to enjoy the success of the late-90's before I knew what it meant to be a fan of a bad baseball team -- which, depressingly, I discovered during the entire 2000's decade -- and recently I've, like the rest of you, gotten to enjoy their ascension through the American League into one of baseball's handful of legitimate power-houses. 

For that, I'm lucky to be a Rangers fan, and excited to write on One Strike Away about this wonderful game we love.