The Rangers are 15-10

Chalk another one up to Ron Washington, folks.

Yes, Alexi Ogando left the 87mph pitch down the middle for Kyle Seager, but it was his managers unpreparednes that allowed it to happen.

For the 2nd time in 3 games, the Rangers lost a game they should have lost, and in my mind, the finger has to be pointed directly at Ron Washington.

The fact that Alexi Ogando was used in that situation, for a 3rd straight day, instead of Jason Frasor, indicated to me that Wash seemed to believe the game was in his pocket and he would save Frasor for the series against Oakland that starts tomorrow.

When you have a game like this, you've got to win the game in front of you, which is something I'm sure Wash preaches to the guys all the time. However, it would seem that he got caught looking ahead, and deservedly so, put the Rangers in a position to fail.

It might seem a little hackneyed to complain about a ball club that is tied for the AL West lead and the best record in the AL, but it's incredibly frustrating when the manager continues to make questionable (at best ) decisions that cost the Rangers wins.