Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Nick Tepesch

Can Nick Tepesch pitch without breaking?

Well, last night was no fun, as the Rangers got hammered by the Astros to the tune of 8-0. Worse, it appears that Matt Harrison will miss some time due to stiffness in his back. With Martin Perez already questionable in the short-term future, the Rangers will hope that Nick Tepesch, who gets the start today, will provide some relief to the rotation.

I could try to write something a bit more substantial, but with all of the injuries and question marks right now, it feels a bit uncouth to really say much until we have updates on the pitching injuries, which won't come until later today at the earliest.

With that said, I'd like to present the opportunity for everyone to offer up predictions on Nick Tepesch. His 1.58 ERA in 45.2 IP for AAA Round Rock has earned him a chance to contribute once again for the Major League club. What are your predictions for Nick Tepesch? Will he pitch well enough to remain in the rotation for any significant amount of time? Are you comfortable with hit pitching after a strong AAA showing, despite a poor Spring Training?

The comments section is open.