The Rangers are 17-16

Another dud, and once again the Rangers are flirting with being a .500 team once again.

It feels like it's already been said, but the fact that seemingly no one in the rotation can go deep into games has killed the bullpen, and it's to the point at which I'm beginning to wonder if the Rangers have ruined Alexi Ogando.

Mitch Moreland was the best pitcher for the Rangers tonight, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yes, it was exciting to see him throw 94 mph and then slow it down to 78 at one point, but I'm just not really sure I like what it says about the current state of the bullpen that Moreland's outing has many seriously contemplating whether or not Moreland has a future as a pitcher.

I get it, the potential is there, but the circumstances in which we're talking about that potential is disturbing, at best.

Same team, different venue tomorrow, and considering the Rangers couldn't hit in the friendliest ballpark in baseball, I'm just not sure how much more we should expect in Arlington. Then again, they've made me look stupid before. Maybe this will be another one of those times.