The Rangers are 35-39

It's hard to be too frustrated about any individual game when your team is hovering just below the .500 mark, but tonight's game was one of those exceptions.

Vic Carapazza's strike zone was erratic and led to quick-trigger ejections of both Alex Rios and Michael Choice after Carapazza clearly blew some calls.

I won't go as far as to say Carapazza cost the Rangers the game, but it's frustrating nonetheless to watch an umpire's ego control the flow of the game, and also take baserunners off of the bases with awful umpiring. There's no way of knowing what may have happened if those calls go in favor of Texas -- given the state of the offense right now, it's tough to believe the lineup could have done much of anything with baserunners -- but the fact that a home plate umpire, in 2014, with instant replay and loads of technology at our disposal, can still control the state of the game in such a big way by being egotistical... well, that's just stupid. And that, I think, pretty much sums up how I feel about tonight's loss. Stupid.