The Rangers are 37-46

The first two months of this season seemed like they lasted forever; now it's July 1st and it feels like the first two months happened forever ago. There are only so many ways to present the bleak reality that the Texas Rangers are faced with in 2014, but so it goes...

The Rangers are nine games under .500, 14 games behind Oakland for 1st place in the American League West, and just 1.5 games better than the Astros for next-to-last. It's a grim portrait to paint on the first day of July, especially for a team with such ambitious expectations like the Rangers had. 

As bad as the year seemed just a month ago, Texas was still 29-28 and fresh off a 2-0 shutout win in Washington. Since then the Rangers are 8-18, and doing about anything they can to validate the skeptics who thought a .500 record was too good to be true -- given all the injuries. 

I know it probably sounded very un-Ranger-fan like when I wrote it, but Texas stands to gain a whole lot more by losing than they do winning the rest of the way. It's not like I'm actively rooting for them to fail, but I'm also not going to complain while it's happening.