The Rangers Are... What, The Rangers Won?

The bad news: the Texas Rangers are still an incredibly bad baseball team, whose .406 winning percentage (39-57) currently puts them at the top of the 2015 draft. Wait, maybe that's good news.

The better news: Yu Darvish is still on the Texas Rangers.

Per ESPN Stats & Information, Friday night was the 26th time in Yu's two-plus years that he's punched out at least 10 opposing hitters; Max Scherzer has the second-most in that span. With 15. 

Speaking of the swing-and-miss department, at 30.2% Darvish has the best strikeout rate in MLB; he also held that title last season (32.9%). 

Oh, I guess I should have mentioned the Rangers beat the Blue Jays 5-1 last night.