The Rangers are 40-61*

Yeah, the asterisk is correct. This was an embarrasment on so many levels for the New York Yankees grounds crew. Ahead 2-1 in the bottom of the 5th inning, rain came pouring down. Seemingly unprepared, it took the grounds crew the better part of 25 minutes to get the tarp in place.

By the time the tarp was in place, it was clear that the incompetence, not the rain, would likely end this game. It's unfortunate that incompetence could be the deciding factor in a game, but that's exactly what happened tonight. I don't know about in New York, but in Texas, there's a thing called a tractor. If they had really wanted to get that tarp out, it would have happened. It didn't, and thus I'm fairly comfortable saying that the grounds crew -- besides almost losing one of their own beneath the watery tarp -- decided this game. Baseball, you guys.