The Rangers are 42-64

The Rangers have won the first game of a series again. Of course, that means they'll lose the rest of the games, if recent history is any indicator. On a more serious note, some thoughts:

  • I'm glad Yu Darvish is, at least for now, on the Rangers. It wasn't his best outing, but his mediocre is better than 95% of baseball's best, so it was nice to see him get the victory.
  • It wasn't a particularly thrilling game offensively, but by the time it was over, you looked up and saw that the Rangers put 4 runs on the board and came away a bit surprised. Choo and Beltre had the only extra-base hits, both doubles, with only Beltre's resulting in an RBI. 
  • I had a really cool Yu Darvish GIF planned from his reaction as he walked off of the mound after the 7th inning. My computer had other ideas, so it didn't happen.
  • They do it all over again tomorrow night, as Nick Martinez faces of against former Ranger Brandon McCarthy.