The Rangers are 43-69

Well, the rain will cost Texas another game. Some thoughts:

  • The Rangers actually had a 3-0 lead for much of this one. It was started in the 1st inning with Adrian Beltre driving in Elvis Andrus.
  • Rougned Odor had a homer tonight as well, which is always cool to see. At that point, the Rangers were up 3-0, and even after a slight offensive outburst in the 3rd inning by Chicago, the Rangers managed to stay up 3-2 until Tyler Flowers tied it with a home run in the bottom of the 5th inning.
  • Anyone remember Hector Noesi? The guy that was quickly shunned from the organization early in the season has, somehow, managed to grab onto a rotation spot in Chicago, and it's a bit disheartening that Texas was only able to manage 3 runs against him. But hey, sometimes baseball is a weird deal.
  • Speaking of weird, as rain began to pour in the bottom of the 6th inning, the White Sox had men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Normally, you'd see a rain delay, and yet, it always felt like the umpires would wait to see if Chicago scored before calling any kind of delay, perhaps because it seemed like the game might not resume once delayed.
  • Sure enough, Chicago scored 2 runs, the rain stopped for a few minutes, and before we knew it, the game was delayed and later called.
  • I know that with the current situation in Texas, I shouldn't be too upset with the losses, but this was another one of those instances in which it seemed like the Rangers never had a chance because of the weather. I get that the umpires are closest to the action and are supposedly the best equipped to make any kind of game-altering calls regarding weather, but I don't like the way it has handed the Rangers two losses in the last two weeks. Something about it just seems... off.