The Rangers are 44-69

Hey, a 16-0 win. Some thoughts:

  • Colby Lewis was really good tonight, pitching a complete game shutout, reminiscent of the Colby of years past. He's been saying in recent weeks that he's been feeling better and adjusting to his surgically repaired hip. Lately, the results have been backing that up, which figures to be an encouraging sign heading into the final stretch of the season, and perhaps going into 2015. I'm not suddenly changing my thinking and saying that Colby will be in the rotation in 2015, but I'm starting to get to the point in which I'm not ruling out the possibility of him having an opportunity to earn a spot during Spring Training. That, I think, is a positive thing.
  • The offense wasn't half bad either. J.P. Arencibia had another big night, and Adrian Beltre, Daniel Robertson, Robinson Chirinos, and Shin-Soo Choo joined in on the action. Tomorrow, we'll all bask in the glory that is half price Papa John's pizza. If 7 runs gets us 50% off, does 14 mean they'll take off the other half? Furthermore, since the Rangers scored 16, does that mean they'll pay us to eat their pizza? Have you ever thought about it?
  • It's seemed like the Rangers have been the ones mostly having to use position players to pitch this season, but for once, they were on the receiving end, as Adam Dunn threw 22 pitches in an inning of relief for Chicago.
  • Day game tomorrow, so there will be a quick turnaround, which might actually benefit the Rangers if they're able to get to Chris Sale early. Then again, I'm not sure I'd exactly count on that.
  • This isn't related to the game, but according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Rangers have placed Alex Rios on revocable waivers. Within the next two days, we'll either hear news that Rios has cleared waivers and can be traded to any club the Rangers wish to do business with, or, should a team claim him, the Rangers would then only be able to work out a deal with the claiming club. The other options, should a team claim Rios, would be for the Rangers to either pull him back off of waivers, or allow the claiming team to simply take his contract. The latter scenario seems highly unlikely, at least to me.
  • Speaking of Ken Rosenthal, he also tweeted that A.J. Preller has been hired as the new General Manager of the San Diego Padres. As the assistant GM in Texas, Preller was in charge of international scouting, and also went to college with GM Jon Daniels. How much this move will affect the Rangers going forward remains to be seen, but it would appear that, even in a poor season for the big league club, other organizations see value in the Texas front office, a sentiment not often shared by casual fans this season who view Jon Daniels and company as the cause of everything bad. But hey, good for Preller, a much-deserved promotion for a guy long-rumored to be a candidate in various locations.