The Rangers are 54-92

Since Texas began the season 15-9, they've managed a remarkable 39-83 mark over their last 122 games, netting a winning percentage of .320. For the better part of four months, the Rangers haven't only been uncompetitive, but unwatchable. 

Currently five games behind (or ahead depending how you look at it) the next-worst record in MLB (Arizona, Colorado), the Rangers are in a commanding position to lock down the #1 pick in next year's draft. To relinquish that spot will require an abundance of W's in their final 16 games, and as it stands they will have to finish the year 9-7 just to avoid their first 100-loss season since 1973, a herculean task for a roster depleted of most of its relevant talent. 

One player who hasn't folded down the stretch is Leonys Martín, whom I wrote curiously about less than a month ago. Since that article, Martin has been produced a world-beater .373/.407/.508 triple slash line, and has generated roughly +1.0 fWAR. Small sample sizes notwithstanding, it's a positive sign to at least know that type of ability is there in his bat, which has been the only thing that's held him back from being a 4-win type of center fielder at the big league level through his first two years. This is more the player the Rangers were expecting when they signed him back in 2009.

As it stands, only superstar Adrian Beltre (+5.2 fWAR) has generated more Wins Above Replacement than Leonys Martin (+2.7 fWAR) among Rangers position players. 

The season is 16 games from being over, which is sad and not really sad at all.