The Rangers are 67-94

For yet another day -- or hour, depending on the outcome of the Angels-Mariners game -- the Rangers forced the Oakland A's to hold off on celebrating a playoff berth with a 5-4 victory.

Tomorrow, the final game of the season will, hopefully, provide Texas the opportunity to spoil Oakland's season in the same way Oakland spoiled their season on the final day in 2012.

I know Eric mentioned it recently, but I want to reiterate how good Neftali Feliz has looked lately. Not only has his fastball looked consistently better from a velocity standpoint, but his offspeed offerings have been more lethal as well. Tonight, he had his slider working and managed to force hitters to chase. If he can provide something closer to this in 2015, he'll undoubtedly be an important piece of what should be a strong bullpen.

Who's down for seeing some spoilage tomorrow?