Report: Rangers on Verge of Acquiring Gallardo

We've been waiting for something all offseason, and apparently, it may be about to go down: A trade.

Gallardo, 28, is due to make $13 million in 2015 before becoming a free agent. He was good for an fWAR of 1.7 last season, and as recently as 2010, put up a 4.5 win campaign. In other words, he'd represent something a bit more sure than Nick Tepesch or Nick Martinez in the rotation for Texas in 2015.

There's no word on exactly who Texas may send to the Brewers just yet, but I can't imagine it'd be one of the top prospects we've seen mentioned in recent days in regards to Cole Hamels. While Gallardo may not represent as much of a splash like a big-name pitcher like Hamels, Gallardo would provide some stability to the most unsure part of the Texas roster.

Per Morosi:

Never would have imagined that Profar would go in such a deal anyways, but, well... there it is, I guess.