Monday Morning Rangers Strikes

The Bud Selig era is over. Let the Rob Manfred era begin.

  • T.R. Sullivan says that spending the offseason in the Dallas area was good for Yu Darvish.
  • Gerry Fraley talks about Jeff Banister working to build a strong relationship with Mike Maddux, drawing comparisons with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan.
  • Kansas City pitcher Brandon Finnegan received an award from the Texas Rangers this weekend.
  • Mike Napoli has apparently spent his entire baseball career being exhausted. The situation has apparently only recently been rectified with a nasty-sounding surgery to his jaw.
  • Rob Manfred opened his tenure with a bang, proclaiming that he'd be open to the idea of banning defensive shifts to promote more offense. Of course, he completely ignored that the strike zone has expanded by about 10% since 2008, and the lower portion of the zone has expanded by almost 11%. But hey, defensive shifts would certainly be easier than, you know, enforcing the actual strike zone.