Would The Rangers Actually Relocate To Dallas?

Like it or not, the Texas Rangers pretty clearly want you to know that they are considering a move to downtown Dallas when its contract with Globe Life Park runs up in 2024. 

Lancer0524/Wikimedia Commons

Lancer0524/Wikimedia Commons

Evan Grant posed the idea before the 2014 season, the DMN's Jeff Mosier echoed the sentiment after the Rangers division-clinching T-Shirt Gate, and Randy Galloway recently cited declining attendance figures and an iffy relationship with Arlington's mayor as motivating factors. 

However speculative the tones of the embedded articles above, this is ultimately the Rangers saying this is a serious topic of conversation, without actually having to say it. If it wasn't there's just no way the local beats would be wasting their time. 

Per Rangers PR man John Blake: "We have a lease at Globe Life Park with the City of Arlington until April 2024. Other than that, the club really has no further comment."

If we concede this is a big business with the goal of making money, and that hundreds of millions of dollars are potentially at stake, then this is a bit more straightforward. According to Mosier, "Arlington City Manager Trey Yelverton said there have been no discussions with the Rangers about what happens after 2024," and by making this somewhat of a priority in the media, Texas's brain trust appear to be leveraging the city of Dallas to get a new ballpark in Arlington. 

The common thread in the three articles? The Heat. Long has it been exaggerated in the media--particularly pre-2010--that Arlington's peak summer temperatures wouldn't be able to consistently field a winning team. Revisionist historians still peddle the idea along that the organization's pitching staff wasn't "tough" until Nolan Ryan arrived and saved the day. These two items are simply different forms of the same untruth, but their influence on Texas's fan base is undeniable. 

Moreover, even if there was an ounce of truth, to either, it would still be missing the point.

The Rangers want a new ballpark by 2025. This is all we know is true. And the financial aspect can't be overlooked. Galloway estimates a new ballpark in Arlington featuring a retractable roof would cost $700-800 million, noting that land in Dallas would be "an additional and hefty expense."

So, financially, it behooves the Rangers to build a new stadium in Arlington. I suspect this is why they are beginning to clamp down with the threat of relocating the franchise to the more accessible Dallas, as the planning for a new park would begin in the next 12 months, per Galloway. 

Based on prior efforts (and failures) from Dallas to secure the Rangers, as well as the monetary cost and hassle involved with moving in general, the smart money is on the club ultimately staying in Arlington. But it will be interesting to see where negotiations between the team and the city end up going, as it's clear this ownership group have strong ambition with the future of this franchise.