It's Gameday


That's what every Major League team and fan base hopes for.  Six grueling, grinding months of baseball, filled with constant ups and downs, droughts and hot streaks; all in the hopes of having a chance to play a seventh month. 

Here we are. 

This is familiar territory in so many ways.  The Rangers blessed us with 162+ in 2010 and 2011 with trips to the World Series, in 2012 with a loss in the Wild Card game, then in 2013  by losing a tie-breaker play in game. 

2014 is the only year this decade that the Rangers have not played more than 162 games in the season, yet that year was so colossally bad, that it feels as if we were in a five year drought. 

This year's team finds itself in familiar territory as well. 

According to 23 ESPN baseball analysts, the Rangers have exactly zero percent chance of defeating the Blue Jays.  Out of 23, none of them picked the Rangers to win. 

Zero out of twenty-three. 

The Rangers are currently sitting at +1400 to win the World Series, being given a 9% chance 

As usual, these Rangers are underdogs and I am perfectly ok with that. 

Fortunately for us, we have been first hand witnesses to how math can be irrelevant and the game must be played on the field.   Ask David Cameron, who insists that the Rangers are a bad team and are here due to "random variance and sequencing". 

Clean slate today. New season. 

Let's keep on random sequencing, at this point, we are playing with house money. 

Win the damn series.