Tuesday Morning Rangers Strikes

What if Jose Canseco is really a cartoon character? Have you ever thought about it?

  • Evan Grant says that preventing injuries will be a huge key for the Rangers to be able to sniff the postseason. Makes sense.
  • Evan also went through the entire Spring Training roster and addresses what each of the 62 players might hope to accomplish while in Arizona.
  • The Rangers will head into Spring Training looking for an identity, says T.R. Sullivan.
  • Because there are only so many links to be had at this point, it was nice to come across a piece from Dustin Dietz at ShutDownInning.com yesterday on Colby Lewis and his 2014 season, and the expectations for him in 2015. Easily the best Rangers thing I read yesterday.
  • If you're bored this evening and have literally nothing else better to do, you can listen to me in an interview with Leroy Radio at 7:30 PM Central. You can find the station on TuneIn by searching Leroy Radio. Just promise not to laugh at me... too hard.