Ryan Rua Wins Starting Left Field Job

Per T.R. Sullivan, the left field situation has started to take shape, as both Ryan Rua and Jake Smolinksi have been told that they'll be on the team.

For Rua's part, it appears that he's won the starting job in left field, as the Rangers seem to believe he has a higher upside. After good showings at Double-A, Triple-A, and in the Majors last season, it's hard to blame the organization for being prepared to give him a substantial shot at sticking.

The question now hinges on whether Carlos Peguero or Delino DeShields will make the roster. It's likely that one will stick, and the other won't. While keeping DeShields off of the MLB roster would certainly make things a bit more difficult as far as keeping his rights, Peguero has easily had the better Spring, so the Rangers will need to decide whether what they've seen of each player thus far is enough to bite the bullet on one or the other.