Tuesday Morning Rangers Strikes

Your source for all Tanner Scheppers injury news.

  • In addition to Scheppers dealing with a lingering ankle sprain, Elvis Andrus apparently takes Spring Training bedding advice from Yu Darvish, as he sat yesterday with a stiff back. He's expected to be fine, provided he stops sleeping on rocks.
  • T.R. Sullivan talks about Prince Fielder needing to be the big bounce-back guy for the Rangers this season.
  • It's a good time to be a Ranger. Russell Wilson and Bose partnered to give all of his teammates some Bose products. What a nice guy.
  • Evan Grant talks about Jon Edwards beating cancer and staying strong to work toward making the Major League roster. Edwards provides an extra level of fascination for me, as he played for the San Angelo Colts in 2011. That season, I spent nearly every "Thirsty Thursday" at the ballpark with friends, and became at least vaguely familiar with his name. To see a guy come from a league that's virtually unknown in a town that you wouldn't peg for baseball, I'm personally rooting for the guy to succeed.