The Rangers are 3-3

That was a bit more fun than yesterday.

Minus the questionable insertion of Jon Edwards in the 6th inning in a high-leverage situation -- Edwards was just called up today -- tonight's game was never really in doubt. Adrian Beltre did Adrian Beltre things and had some help from the rest of the lineup. It also didn't hurt that the Astros created some self-inflicted wounds of their own instead of the other way around for once.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway on the night, however, is how well Prince Fielder is hitting the ball to left field with power. If you were among those that felt that Fielder's neck issues early last season weren't primarily to blame for his struggles, he's been proving that notion wrong. He looks healthy, and although he has yet to notch a home run on the season, has shown a renewed ability to hit the ball to all fields with force.