The Rangers are 4-5

Nick Martinez. Nick Martinez, Nick Martinez, Nick Martinez.

Okay, so here's the good news: through two starts, Nick has faced 54 major league hitters, and only 14 (25.9%) have reached. He's started half of his team's wins in 2015. In Martinez's two starts, the Rangers offense has provided 18 runs of support; in the other seven games the club has generated 17 runs, total. 

That's the good. And it's good. 

But to love Nick Martinez is to accept him for what he is. As I mentioned after his last start, Nick is already a success story from a player development perspective -- he was an 18th round pick out of Fordham, where he played second base -- so anything more he should deliver will merely be icing on the cake.

Though his ERA is still flawless (one unearned run in 14 innings in '15), we're really just waiting for the clock to strike midnight here, aren't we? Nick Martinez has a 6/5 K/BB ratio, a 28.6% groundball rate, and a 93.3% strand rate. His xFIP is 5.20.

In 2014, over an unexpected 140.1 innings on the bump, Nick had an ERA of 4.55, but his peripherals weren't all that different from where he's at now, even through the tiny 14-inning sample; he had a 77/55 K/UIBB ratio, a 32.9% GB rate and a 5.24 xFIP. 

Behind the facade -- and don't get me wrong, being the owner of a perfect record and perfect earned run average is a pretty awesome facade -- Nick Martinez is still the same pitcher. I think he has a good chance to outperform the results of his rookie season, but there isn't any evidence I can point to from two starts that would suggest he is anything other than he's proven himself to be at this point. 

You go, Nick.