Sources: Rangers Pursuing Josh Hamilton

According to sources close to ownership, the Rangers are currently working on a scenario that would put Josh Hamilton back in a Texas uniform. The details we know so far:

  • There is a possibility that, as also reported by Ken Rosenthal earlier today, that the Angels could buy out a significant portion of Hamilton's contract, which would make him free to sign with any team. From what we know, his desire is to end up back in Texas.
  • Barring that, a trade could also be a possibility, with the Angels eating a significant portion of the contract. The exact details of a potential trade are unknown at this time, although no significant prospects are expected to be moved.
  • The Rangers are looking to take Hamilton on for approximately $1 million a year in either scenario.
  • Any move is not expected to be completed until next week.

More details to follow as they become available.