A Request for Readers

I hate doing this type of post, because it feels like there's no "dignified" way to approach the subject. That said, here goes:

As you might imagine, there are various hosting fees and costs associated with keeping a site like this running. In recent months, I've been able to secure some advertisement deals and placed the ads in an unobtrusive area on the right side of the page. Some of you may have noticed it.

Others of you, however, may not have noticed it, likely because of using an ad blocking plugin. My request is simple: I'd like to ask readers, if you feel so inclined, to whitelist One Strike Away in the ad blocking plugins. In doing so, you'll be allowing a single 160x600 ad show up on the right side of your page. No pop-ups, no annoying sounds, just a quick impression that can allow One Strike Away to generate a little bit of money in order to cover the costs associated with running the site and, if possible, send a little the way of the other writers that post fantastic content on this site as well.

If it's something you choose not to do, that's fine, and well within your rights, and no one will chastise you for making that decision. However, if you can stomach one ad that might not even affect your day, we would certainly appreciate you.

That, I think, is all I'll say about the subject, and thanks to all of you for being readers of One Strike Away. You make the experience of covering the Texas Rangers very fulfilling.