Andrus Drops to 7th

Jeff Banister has decided to shake up the lineup for the  fourth game of the season and I like it. 

4/9/15 Lineup @ Oakland

Martin 8, Choo 9, Beltre 5, Fielder DH, Rua 7, Moreland 3, Andrus 6, Odor 4, Corporan 2, Martinez 1.

I love Elvis Andrus.  I think he is one of the biggest keys to this team.  However, I do not think he should be hitting in the two hole.  I am in the Keith Law camp of putting an OPS machine in that spot in the order, not a guy who lacks power and is there just in hopes of moving over the leadoff guy.  

I thought Elvis batting second was something that had gone away with Wash, but as we have seen, Elvis was in that spot the first few games, even donating a free out with his sac bunt in the first inning last night. 

Hooray for Banister and hooray for change.  I have a good feeling about today and tomorrow.  Time to start a win streak.