Rangers have another big inning in New York

Following last night's 10-9 win over the Yankees which included a 7-run third inning, the Rangers just put up a 10 spot in today's third inning.  

The bats have come alive.  (The bullpen is still a completely different story)

There are a few small things that have really caught my eye so far in this series:

Choo and Fielder are still absolutely crushing the ball.  This month they look like the two players we were expecting last season.   The sound of the ball coming off of Fielder's bat is suddenly different, he has 3 HR so far in the last two days.

DeShields is hitting leadoff and I love it.  He has been an OBP machine and his legs are more of a weapon that Martin's, which is saying something.  When Hamilton comes up next week, the Rangers have got to find a way to keep him in the lineup (I wish Wash was available as a consultant to get him some work at 2B).  DeShields and Blanks (although just placed on the 15-day DL) have both done incredible work since being called up, and I hope to see them stick with the big club.

Andrus has simplified his approach at the plate and is suddenly driving the ball the other way.  He has 4 hits in two games.  Let's hope this focus at the plate carries over to the field. 

It's impossible to not like Adam Rosales.  Seriously, just look at the grin on his face every time he touches the field.  You've got to be in that guys corner. 

The Rangers currently have 15 runs on the board today and do you know how many outs they gave away via the sac bunt?  That's right, zero.  Don't give away your big innings, Banister.

The table is hot.