The Rangers are 8-15

That was a bit more fun. Some thoughts:

  • We're starting to see signs of the offense perhaps turning things around. Shin-Soo Choo, after a few days off, has hit the ball well in the last two games, with a home run and a double tonight that both put the Rangers in position to win the game. It is only two games, but to my eyes, his load-up part of his swing seems to have a lot less action to it, and he's getting the bat around more quickly as a result.
  • Another guy swinging the bat better lately? Elvis Andrus. His defense is still, shall we say, lacking from what we've come to expect from him, but any offensive contributions he can provide are more than welcome at this point.
  • Adrian Beltre and Prince Fielder did what we all envisioned before the season began. If Beltre can continue getting things going like I fully expect he will, this offense is going to be leaps and bounds better than what we saw in April.
  • Nick Martinez was the victim of a little bit of bad luck on the defensive front tonight. His ERA actually raised to 0.84, but of the 5 runs that were credited to his line, only 2 were earned.
  • With the bases loaded a no outs in the bottom of the 10th inning, a small part of me felt like we might see one of those innings in which no one could put the ball in play. Alas, Rougned Odor did exactly what he needed to do, which plated Choo for the walk-off victory. His reward? Getting his jersey torn off by his teammates. I'd be OK with seeing a lot more of these types of celebrations, because it means baseball is fun in Texas.
  • Finally, the guy that I didn't think I would ever write anything about this season: Kyle Blanks. Once a top prospect for the Padres, injuries have kept him from seeing any sort of extended playing time at the Major League level. He hit a home run last night in his 2nd game with the Rangers, and hit another tonight along with a double and two singles. I don't know exactly how much play the Rangers plan on giving Blanks once Josh Hamilton and Mitch Moreland are back up, but in a very left-handed heavy lineup, if he can provide some offensive value, he just might find a way to stick around for awhile.