Thank You, Arte

It has been a crazy busy weekend and I have not had time to write a full article, but I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to Arte Moreno for being completely unwilling to understand addiction or to take a moment to understand Josh Hamilton as anything other than an investment. 

Thank you, Arte. 

Thank you for sending Josh back to a place where he is understood and accepted. 

Thank you for allowing someone with so much potential to have a chance to thrive in an environment that embraces him. 

Thank you for giving up a left fielder who in one week gave the Rangers a greater output than all of the Angels' left fielders have given them this season combined. 

Thank you for giving the Rangers fan base a much needed boost, contributing to larger crowds in The Ballpark. 

Thank you for footing the bill for a former MVP to play for a division rival. 

And finally, thank you for helping to make baseball fun.  Suddenly, this is a different team.  Although without Adrian Beltre for a couple of weeks, this team is now above .500 and playing with a confidence that has been missing for two seasons.  

Thank you, Arte.