The Future is Now

Joey Gallo has been called up to fill in at 3rd base while Adrian Beltre hits the DL with a thumb injury following his awkward slide Sunday afternoon. 

This follows the solid debut of Chi Chi Gonzalez on Saturday evening, where he allowed only 2 hits over six innings.  

As a Rangers fan, there are multiple reasons to be excited about this. 

First, these are the guys we have been looking forward to.  It is great to finally get to see them in action at the big league level. 

Second, and more importantly, making these moves shows that the front office truly believes that this season is not lost.  If the Rangers did not believe that these guys could help right now, then Jon Daniels would have left these two in the minors to continue to work on the holes in their game.  

Gallo jumping from AA to the pros lets us know that the team motto of Never Ever Quit is more than just a cliche; someone up top really believes in the Rangers' chances this season, and they are willing to make moves within the club that were not expected until late season or even next.  

With that said, don't expect too much from Gallo immediately.  He still has work to do; needing an increased BB rate and a lower K rate to maximize his professional potential.  Yes, the power is amazing, and yes, he has star potential.  However, for now, expect him to be more an Adam Dunn type player; low BA with plenty of power.  His time will come, but don't expect the full potential to show up immediately (but also don't be surprised if he hits the first pitch he sees 500 feet).

This is fun.  Suddenly this team has gone from something that was painful to watch to being a team that is making every night "can't miss tv" for one reason or another.  Buy tickets and set your DVRs, don't miss your chance to witness what could be Rangers history.