Rangers Remain Above .500, Lose Hamilton

As the White Sox wrapped up a 9-2 shellacking of the Rangers (27-26), it came across the wire that Josh Hamilton will be hitting the DL with a grade 2 hamstring strain.  It seems like every time the Rangers get a little momentum going, some form of injury pops of to slow their roll.  The Rangers will have to be without Beltre and Hamilton for a bit, which means the youth movement will have to continue going strong.  

A few notes from tonight's game:

Nick Martinez is human.  His 16 game streak of allowing 3 runs or less came to a halt; he was having issues with pitch location from the first hitter on tonight. 

Joey Gallo is also human.  Well......sort of.  Gallo struck out all three times he faced Chris Sale tonight, including his first at bat where he backed away from a slider that ended up being called a strike.  However, Gallo did finish the night with a 407 foot homerun in the bottom of the ninth.  I have a feeling we may see a number of nights like this from Joey over the next 15 years or so. 

Choo shows some fire.  In his 5th inning AB, Shin Soo Choo did not like the fact that Sale came up and in three times during the course of issuing a walk and had some choice words for the lefty while making his way to first. 

Andrus hit 3rd. Yep, that was an actual thing. 

Fans have moved on from the wave. However, the Rangers faithful have now started something called the "Rally Flash" where they all turn on the flashlight function on their phones during big moments.  Stop it.  Please, please, stop it.  That might be worse than the wave, but even if it isn't, it's still bush league and embarrassing.  

The attitude has changed.  If a loss like this had happened a month ago, even without the news of Hamilton breaking, I would have just sat here thinking about how the team would never recover.  Not now.  As a matter of fact, fans stayed until the end of the game, had faith in an 8th inning rally, and were rewarded with the 9th inning Gallo homerun.  

Things are looking up.