An Open Letter of Apology to the 2015 Texas Rangers

I feel like I know the game of baseball. 

I know the ins and outs, I know the math, I understand the statistics, I have a good feel for the game.  I write about it, I coach it, I watch it, I teach it. 

Baseball is now and always has been a huge part of my life, but this season, and this team, the 2015 Texas Rangers, have proven to me that the more I learn about the game, the more I learn that I don't actually know anything about baseball. 

Since spring training, I have been wrong about so many things and I want to take a moment to publicly atone for my errant ways. 


I'm sorry, Jeff Banister.  I'm sorry for publicly asking why you were hired over Tim Bogar and thinking it was a huge mistake to let Bogar leave the organization.  I am sorry for spelling your name Bannister countless times.  I am sorry for my attitude as a fan in April and in June, when I ignored your mantra of #NeverEverQuit and gave up on the 2015 season, looking forward to the bright future that the prospects within the organization can provide. 

I'm sorry, Shin-Soo Choo.  I'm sorry for thinking that you were done as a player and that your contract was the worst in all of baseball.  I am sorry for wanting to trade you to the Mets for an actual apple.  I am sorry for still doubting your performance once Banister stuck you in the 2-hole shortly after the All-Star break.  I'm sorry for not publicly lauding your performance over the last two months.  You have performed to the level expected of you when you signed your deal and I am happy that I am wrong. 

I'm sorry, Elvis Andrus.  I'm sorry for thinking that you are not worth $15 million a year.  I'm sorry for wanting to trade you to the Mets for any SP they could spare.  But most importantly, I am sorry for questioning your want, your dedication, and for underestimating how important your love for the game and fun on field approach is to this organization.  Keep having fun and this team will keep on winning. 

I'm sorry, Adrian Beltre.  I'm sorry that I listened to so many baseball pundits as they discussed how you would be worth more to the Rangers in a trade rather than as a player whose option was picked up.  I am sorry that I did not understand how much your injury really hampered your first half.  Holy crap, I sure am glad you are healthy now. 

I'm sorry, Prince Fielder.  I'm sorry for thinking that you would never recover from your surgery.  Your power numbers may still be down, but if you and Adrian are hot at the same time, this squad will be a nightmare in October. 

I'm sorry, Leonys Martin.  I am sorry that this season has not worked out the way you wanted.  I am sorry that so many fans threw you under the bus and don't expect to see you in town next year.  Get healthy and keep that throwing arm strong.  I see you in the dugout cheering on your teammates and reacting as if you were in the game, and that says a lot about who you are as a human being. 

I'm sorry, Mike Napoli.  I'm sorry that I thought your trade was moronic and I am sorry that I occasionally dry heave when I see you manning left field.  Your slash line of .368/.478/1.057 during your time in LF shows me that sometimes, I should just let the people who are paid to make the lineup do so without me opening my big mouth.  Also; thanks for being you in the clubhouse.  Keep the boys looking good pregame. 

I'm sorry, Josh Hamilton.  I'm sorry for buying into the hype your first 10 days back and for the pressure you put on yourself to perform.  I'm sorry that your body has given out on you, but I want you to know that your performances here in 2010 and 2011 will never be forgotten and in my book, you did enough here this year to earn my forgiveness for your comments on your way out of town.  Get healthy, stay clean, and enjoy your life, Josh. 

I'm sorry, Joey Gallo.  I'm sorry that you were called up way too early and thrown to the wolves.  I am sorry that you got a taste of big league life before they bat was ready, but I am glad you did.  I am glad you had that moment and that we will all remember the raw emotion of your father after your first homerun in your first MLB game.  You provided a spark to a fanbase that was giving up, and in this season, that means much more than K rates. 

I'm sorry, Jorge Alfaro, Nick WIlliams, Jake Thompson, Alec Asher, and Jerad Eickhoff.  I'm sorry that you will never get to experience how fun it is being a big leaguer in a Rangers uniform, surrounded by characters like Adrian, Elvis, and Roogie.  I hope that you find some success in Philly and thank you for providing us with Cole Hamels. 

I'm sorry, Matt Harrison.  I'm sorry that I have to put you on this list.  I feel worse about having to apologize to you more than I do to anyone else.  I'm sorry about baseball.  I'm sorry that you worked so hard to return, only to be traded as if you were an expiring contract in the NBA.  I am sorry that as soon as you got to Philly, you were thrown on the DL with back inflammation so that the Phillies could collect insurance money to counteract your contract.  Like the rest of the business world, baseball is cutthroat, and I hope that your friends in Texas can continue their good work to earn you a playoff share and who knows, maybe even a shiny piece of jewelry. 

I'm sorry, Yu Darvish.  I am sorry that people idiotically questioned your dedication to the team.  I am sorry that we do not get to witness your mastery on the mound.  I am sorry that you are not getting to experience one of the most fun baseball seasons I have ever witnessed by being a part of it.  However, I see you; hopping over railings to celebrate with your teammates and pushing hard every day to come back better than before.  The 2016 rotation has me salivating, and I can't wait to see it in action, but there is important business to take care of first. 

And finally, I'm sorry, to all Rangers, for the empty stadium you have been playing in front of. Last season was tough on all fans.  The beginning of this year left little hope.  Yet, here we are, (myself included), watching an amazing run from the comfort of our own couches instead of being there at The Globe, providing you with the playoff atmosphere you deserve.  

The lead is Leonys Martin (2). 

Games left is Rougned Odor (12). 

Magic Number is Michael Young (10). 

162+;  I'm sorry that I did not think you were a reality.  We all have a chance to make things right and get to the ballpark.  Delino Deshields (7) home games left.  

Be there.